11 Months and Counting

Sitting here bored out of my mind yesterday during the big nor’eastern I decided that this was going to be the year of me. With my career going well, my son going off to college in 1- 1/2 years I need to figure out Dee. I am always so wrapped up in work, my husband, and son that I haven’t had time for me. I have no idea what I like to do anymore. So where do I start? Well, I started with the basics- doctors appointments. I have scheduled a physical, eye exam, and dentist appointment. Not like this has anything to do with finding out who I am or what I like to do I just didn’t know where to start. For anyone who knows me this would be a typical Dee move. Make sure I am not dying before I plan out the next ten years of my life….lol. Well, I am only planning out the next 11 months of my life until I turn 40. Here is my 40th birthday bucket list.

  • Go from flab to fab.
  • Run a 5 k- I can’t walk never mind run… this should be interesting
  • Plan a weekend getaway for hubby and me (it has been 14 years since we have been away just the 2 of us)
  • Get a tattoo
  • Practice Yoga and start weightlifting again
  • Volunteer at an animal shelter

I know there is a lot more I would like to do and will figure it out along the way, but I think this a good start.

I wonder what other mothers out there think. I try to talk to my friends, but we are just at two different stages in life. The girls I went to school with have kids in elementary school and my son’s friends parents can’t wait to retire. Both groups think I am crazy and incredibly lucky to be where I am in life. Right now I feel lost. I know this is just a stage, but this is how I feel.

Thanks for listening.





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